This is an original garment made of pre-stressed sand washed silk. It has no

more excess dyes left in the fabric to leech out or create watermarks. You can

use a Spray and Wash Stain Stick to spot an area that is stained with oil, etc.,

just rinse this area well, blot dry and you will have no lightened area where

you used the above recommended stain stick because there is no more Dye

to come out and create a lightened area. By spot cleaning minor oil spots or

food in the above manner, you can avoid many trips to the laundry.

WASHING BY MACHINE: Wash alone, on GENTLE, LOW SOAP, in a full

tub of COLD WATER. If after spin cycle it feels too wet,spin again, then hang

to dry. REMINDER: Keep your soap content low or it may feel stiff after being

hung to dry if there is too much soap residue left in coat; if necessary, you can

air fluff in the dryer with no heat for 5 to 10 minutes. As you know, most

clothing lasts much longer if you avoid excessive tumble drying.


If the jacket has been packed or folded too tightly, you may notice after unfolding

your jacket that it is a bit wrinkled; this is about the only time you will see this

happen. This fabric is pre-stressed. The pre-stressing tenderizes this fabric

like a cotton item that has been washed several times; so it will usually self

correct by simply hanging it in a steamy shower room or outside at night.

If this is still not to your satisfaction, you can steam iron it using a towel laid

over the jacket or you can also get a portable Sunbeam steamer. This is a

great item; it usually costs about $24 and you just add distilled water. Even

if this steamer spits droplets of hot water on the jacket it will not affect the

jacket at all.